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Weight Loss

Healthy and Active

Healthy and Active is an individual nutritional program. Healthy and active creates an individual and completely unique nutrition plan based on an individual's unique hormonal system, metabolism, and genetics. An individual nutrition plan can allow you to achieve weight loss, address medical conditions, and live a more healthy lifestyle.

Metabolism is the way our bodies breakdown food for energy. There are a variety of nutrients found in food that optimize our metabolism. However, we all have different metabolic needs. When you enter the Healthy & Active program, you will undergo a metabolic analysis. You will complete a medical questionnaire, in addition to blood testing. Testing will provide information about the following:

» Organ activity
» Gland activity
» Protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism
» Important minerals
» Metabolic type
» Metabolic category (anaboloic or catabolic)
» Acid-base balance

Based on the results of the analysis, you will receive an individual nutrition report that will allocate the necessary nutrients for your needs. You will then follow a 3-step plan, as follows:

The preparation phase - gently helps your body prepare for the upcoming nutritional adjustment.

The main phase - your body adjusts to the new healthy nutritional regimen. Weight loss starts in this phase and you will feel better than ever.

The stabilizing phase - starts when you are happy with your new weight and well being. You will receive an additional food list with a wider variety of foods to choose from supplementing your shopping list.

For more information:

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