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As an expert in traditional chiropractic and BEST care it is Dr. Blumberg"s mission to support, guide and empower each patient on their unique journey to re-establishing their fundamental connection to the Power within themselves. She is committed to meet each person at their current level of health and journey with them as far as they can see their potential to be.

Chiropractic Care

The Nervous System is the first system formed after conception. Its function is central to your functioning. Messages generated in the brain in response to external and internal stimuli travel down the spinal cord and out along nerves to control the cells of every muscle, organ and tissue in your body. Interference at any point along this original "information highway" garbles the message being sent and changes the output further down the line — a muscle is not told to relax, a gland is left to over-secrete, an organ functions improperly— symptoms develop.

Chiropractors are trained to be Nervous System experts. In her practice, Dr. Blumberg combines a thorough consultation with careful orthopaedic testing, xray, and cutting edge computerized assessment in order to get a multi-faceted picture of each patient's health. Once a diagnosis has been made, a program of gentle, specific hands-on adjustments is implemented to restore normal spinal alignment and optimal neuronal function. As interference is removed from the system, the connection between the brain and the physical body (and between the mind and personal purpose), strengthens. A system free of interference is, by definition, free of symptoms that interference causes. It is prepared to handle new stresses efficiently and primed to fulfill its potential.