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Ionized Oxygen Therapy

Ionized oxygen therapy is the process of inhaling negatively charged oxygen ions which quickly neutralize harmful pathogens, diseases, & ions in the body. The cells of aerobes are set for optimal oxygen pressure. Oxygen is necessary for life in the transformation of stored hydrogen energy of the sun from food into the energy rich phosphates. Diverse functions of the human organism need this energy and thus are dependent on oxygen.

Reduced oxygen supply to the cells leads to a decrease in energy gain and thus to various complaints or illnesses, such as concentration disturbances, reduced performance, immune weakness, premature aging, peripheral circulation problems, intermittent claudication, non-healing open leg sores, gangrene, and heart or brain infarction.

Without oxygen humans die in about six minutes.

Based on the fact that in nature and in the human organism only the energetically charged oxygen forms the O2- and O2+ ions are capable of biological reaction, an Austrian surgeon by the name of Ivan Engler in 1980 founded the effective, time- and oxygen-saving Ionized Oxygen Therapy.

Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy

Ionized Oxygen Therapy Machine

Here from the oxygen supply (O2), energized oxygen ions (O2-, O2+) are produced and utilized to strengthen the therapeutic effect. Up until 1980, for medical purposes only, air itself was ionized, which unfortunately is increasingly ever more polluted. Ionization means the building of ions.

His second device developed for this purpose, namely the "Oxygen Ion 3000 by Dr. Engler", produces the ions in natural size, quantity and desired polarity. The Ionized Oxygen therapy of Dr. Engler is a natural improvement over air ionization and the many oxygen and ozone therapies in general.

The old conclusion that "oxygen is the giver of life" has been expanded with Dr. Engler's therapy. It is not the quantity of Oxygen (O2) but rather the energy rich oxygen ions (O2-, O2+) the so-called "air vitamins" that are decisive for health, in that they are charge and photon donors.

The Ionized Oxygen Therapy Process

Charged neutral medical oxygen (O2) is taken from a steel cylinder or modern oxygen concentrator. The medically charged neutral oxygen is led into the "Oxygen Ion 3000" unit without previous water hydration. This alone is already a sign concerning the advantages of oxygen ionization, in that otherwise dry or without ionization the respiratory tract would be irritated. Suitable oxygen quantities are from 4 up to 8 liters per minute. The therapeutic or preventive utilization of oxygen (O2) mixture with oxygen ions in small quantities similar to how they are found in nature takes place through normal inhalation with an oxygen mask connected at the output.

The Biophysics and Effects of Oxygen Ions (O2-, O2+)

1. The O2- or O2+ are small electrically negative or positive charged ions, so-called physical "air vitamins" because they are biologically effective in minute quantities and indispensable similar to the known vitamins.
2. In intact nature, oxygen ions of both polarities are found in minute balanced quantities and in close to equal polarity proportion (a so-called bipolar charge occurrence, due to the exchange of electrons between atoms or molecules during ionization). A balanced electrical potential of the cell membrane (e.g., Matrix System) through the ions is indispensable for the maintenance of the organism's regulatory circuits. The vegetative regulation of all functions of the organism (e.g. metabolism, oxygenation, defense) shows itself through measurable dynamic changes of the vagotonic, normotonic and sympathicotonic situation.
3. Oxygen ions (O2-, O2+) are able to recharge the reduced charge of the cell membrane caused by various stressors (e.g. radioactivity, radicals, canceration). Hence they have a radical inhibiting and carcinolytic action, as has been verified experimentally using cultures of human lung fibroblasts. Electrically neutral oxygen (O2) showed no effect in experiments with stressed human lung fibroblasts. Ozone (O3) even acted detrimentally. This fact supports the contention that molecular O2 within the confines of Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy in other words, ionization strengthens the biological energization effect.
4. In intact nature there is a relative equilibrium of negative or positive charged small oxygen ions from about 3,000 to 10,000 ions/cm3, whereby the O2- and O2+ are found simultaneously side-by-side, and therefore bipolar. At times, for example, depending on weather conditions or irradiating energy, one polarity of the ion charge predominates (by 10% to 20%). The maximum natural ion concentration is around 100,000 ions/cm3 (e.g. at a waterfall or after a storm), and this unit can easily achieve double that depending on flow rate and mask hose length.
5. Healthy people tolerate both polarities of oxygen ions equally well. Sick people show a clear, constitutionally dependent, favourable or unfavourable reaction according to the polarity of the ions.
6. From the research of L. Goring and H. Lamers, supposedly only electrically charged ions are transported by the erythrocytes or reach into the cells. Perhaps in this way, Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy improves the microcirculation and oxygen utilization in the body.
7. For therapeutic purposes one can also use unipolar oxygen ions, namely only the O2- or only the O2+, which is of course superbly accomplished by this device and successfully demonstrated by O. Hieber on approximately 500 patients. Because of their electronic energization, O2- and O2+ ions are so-called radicals. Only radicals (reactive substances with unpaired energized electrons) can take part in biological reactions. In the case of radical derailments mediated by weakened radical collectors (so-called scavengers like enzymes, vitamins, water, etc.), increasing such radicals can lead to complaints or illness.
8. Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy uses radicalized oxygen ions in the smallest doses (similar to the fifteenth decimal homeopathic potency). In the sense of a reversal effect, radicalized oxygen ions in the smallest quantity support the body's defense against derailed radicals (like the way small radon doses work against cancer and premature ageing). In this way one can explain the improvement of complaints in the clinical application of this therapy on patients with Multiple Sclerosis or in central blood circulation disturbances from an arterial blockage, as P. Pohl of the Neurological University Clinic in Innsbruck has reported. Both illnesses are contingent upon increasing development of radicals.
9. Due to rising environmental pollution (air, water, food) and through the unhealthy lifestyle of humankind (stress, little sleep, smoking, drugs, etc.) these "air vitamins" have become a scarce commodity, and the increased formation of radicals in cases of weak existing scavengers causes ever more complaints, as well as damage to the cell membranes and cell nuclei. According to personal patient cases of Dr. Engler, for illnesses caused through radicals like rheumatism (more than 50 patients) and side effects of chemotherapy or radiation (more than 50 patients), Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy has shown itself to be a helpful therapy,
10. Electrons are "supercomputers" of nature using the language of photons (J. Charon). Electrons of O2- and O2+ ions set photons free in the process of returning to the energetically lower valence O2 form. Photons are indispensable for the control of biological processes and rhythms. Likely for that reason Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy has a very stabilizing action on vegetative regulation, biological rhythms or psychological functions in general. Disturbances to health are fundamentally based on charge or photon imbalances.
11. Vegetative disregulation comes about through charge shifts in the ground substance (Matrix) or endothelium cells of the micro-capillaries. Clinical or laboratory findings are inconspicuous in spite of the many subjective complaints (headaches, nervousness, drop in productivity, impotence, etc.) of the person affected. Based on over 150 vegetative dystonia patients, Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen therapy offered a marked improvement of the complaints, and was impressive in 80% of them.
12. Oxygen deficiency or oxygen stress (too much oxygen) leads to the formation of radicals and to charge or photon derailment. That is why Dr. Engler's Ionized Oxygen Therapy works favourably:
  • against the symptoms of vegetative dysregulation
  • against radical derailment, and
  • effectively remedies oxygen deficiency.

  • Therapeutic effects of Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy

    • Stabilization of the cell membrane potentials
    • Improvement of oxygen dynamics
    • Improvement in microcirculation
    • Stabilization of physical functions
    • Regulation of the vegetative situation
    • Correction of side effects from radiation and chemotherapy
    • Regeneration of the organism
    • Reduction of pain and inflammation
    • Rapid improvement in the general condition

    The aim of ionized oxygen therapy is to re-establish natural bodily immunity as quickly as possible. Natural immunity is only reached when all regulatory circuits in the body are in perfect tune with one another. It is important to remove any blockages in the intermediate and cellular metabolism and to gain an optimum energy increase via the physiological oxygen utilization.

    For which illnesses would Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy be used?

    1. All oxygen deficiency and other oxygen related illnesses.
    2. All organic and metabolic problems: high fat values, high cholesterol and uric acid values and illnesses resulting from diabetes, hepatitis or liver cirrhosis.
    3. All rheumatic illnesses: rheumatism, polyarthritis and arthritis.
    4. All allergies: eczema, dermatitis, food, hay fever, Morbus Crohn and Colitis ulcerosa.
    5. All blood supply problems of the brain: headaches, sleeplessness, concentration problems, tiredness, dizziness, strokes and aging.
    6. All blood supply problems of the eyes and ears.
    7. All blood supply problems of the heart: weakened heart, old age, angina pectoris and heart attack.
    8. All circulation problems, such as low or high blood pressure.
    9. All blood supply problems of the extremities: lack of feeling, heavy legs, cramps, smokers leg, open leg and varicose veins.
    10. All respiratory problems: bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.
    11. All disturbances to energy conservation and regulation:
  • Problems with the so-called vegetative disregulation (where no clinical results can be found)
  • Problems with hormone regulation (menstrual problems, impotence and menopause)
  • Bio-energetic disturbances: exhaustion, convalescence, old age and manager-illnesses
  • Reduction in the radical differences caused by pollution, food contamination, smoking and alcohol consuption
  • 12. All disturbances to energy conservation and regulation:
  • Radical stress
  • Symptoms of old age
  • Efficiency maintenance
  • Stimulation of the immune system for people prone to disease
  • Danger of cancer
  • 13. Extra therapy for cancer illnesses, reduction in the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
    14. Skin and cosmetics:
  • Burns, wounds, pressure areas and open wounds
  • Skin regeneration, unclean skin, acne, wrinkles, hair care and cellulitis
  • For more information, or to book an appointment for Ionized Oxygen Therapy, or for any of our other services, please contact us at Pinewood Natural Health Centre - areas surrounding: Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, Markham, call our Toronto Clinic: (416) 656-8100, for Pickering, Whitby, or Oshawa,call our Pickering Clinic: (905) 427-0057.

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