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How to Live Beyond Age 100 According to a Toronto Naturopath

Posted By on 14 September 2017


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Sprouted pulses like mung beans help you live longer.
Sprouted pulses like mung beans help you live longer.

There are several cultures in the world whose people tend to live longer than the people in North America. The average life expectancy in Ontario, Canada for males is 79 and for females it is 84. However, there are quite a few regions in this world that produce centenarians including the Andorra (the mountains between France and Spain), the region nears the Black Sea in Russian (including Abkhazians and Georgians), the Himalayas and the Okinawa. People who live in Switzerland, Sweden and Southern France also enjoy greater longevity. Many of these tend to be people living in remote regions with lots of fresh air and very little access to fatty, refined, commercial foods.

  1. If you want to live to the age of 100 and beyond, a scenario that is becoming all the more likely in Canada then you might want to take some of these interesting tips into consideration.
  1. Eat as little as possible and stay away from carbs. Starving yourself just a bit every day lowers your metabolic rate and staves off the age-related disease that are caused by the processes that are the natural result of our bodies operating every day.
  1. Eat a great diversity of foods every day. People who live in Okinawa recommend eating smaller amounts of over thirty different foods a day.
  1. Eat organic foods that are free of pesticides and herbicides. The fact that these cultures have not been affected by agricultural cultural practice that leach minerals and vitamins from their food and add hormone disruptors.
  1. Eat sprouts and breads made from sprouted grains. The consumption of fermented grasses and pulses account for the longevity of the Abkhazian and Hunzas.
  1. Eat wild-caught fish whenever possible. Fish is a common staple in both seaside and mountainous cultures, who may be eating freshwater or ocean fish. Fish is a great source of protein as well fatty acids that keep people alive for a long time.
  1. Eat the right kind of animal protein. Contrary to popular belief, people who live a long time are not restricted to a vegetarian diet and tend to consume grass-fed, free-range chicken and beef.
  1. Eat cultured dairy products. Yogurt, sour cream and kefir are common in cultures that have longevity because the friendly bacteria in these unpasteurized products contain probiotics.
  1. Eat fermented products that contain probiotics. This includes fermented drinks such as kombucha and yogurt, pulsed grains, fish sauces and pickles.
  1. Drink a cup of good quality tea every day. Tea, black, white and green, is served at almost every meal in these cultures. Tea is a source of antioxidants, polyphenols and acids that fight aging at every level.
  1. Drink a glass of red wine every day. Red wine contains reservatrol, which helps fight off aging by fighting off free radicals that damage healthy cells.
  1. Keep busy. There may be some truth to the adage that “if you rest you rust.” People who manage to stay happily occupied, tend to have more of an interest in staying alive for longer in general.

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